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The Laufbehälter 34 (Double Barrel Container) was mostly intended for use in vehicles, but it can also be seen being used by Infantry troops in the field. The container is of pressed steel construction and was phased out in April 1944 by the Heereswaffenamt.

1. Barrel Container.

2. MG34 Spare Barrels (x2).


    The carrier also features a leather strap to allow Infantry to carry it over their shoulder.  
A close-up of the over centre catch used to secure the hinged lid shut. Immediately under the catch it's stamped with the markings "brc 43".

Located on the right hand side of the vehicle next to the co-driver the double barrel container is immediately to hand right behind the MG34. The container is held in place at the base by a suitably shapped bracket and at the top by a webbing strap attached to a bracket welded to the side of the tub.  
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