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The Laufschützer 34 (Single Barrel Container) with a high cyclic rate on the MG34 it was common practise to change the barrels often to avoid runing them by overheating. Several spare barrels were always carried alongside the MG.

1. Barrel Container.

2. MG34 Spare Barrel (x1).


    The carrier also features a webbing strap to allow Infantry to carry it over their shoulder.  
    Mounted in the middle section is a large over centre catch used to secure the hinged lid shut.

Located on the right hand side of the vehicle next to the co-driver and behind the double barrel container the single barrel container is immediately to hand next to the MG34. The base of the container was secured in a suitably shaped bracket and the top held by a webbing strap attached to a bracket welded to the tub.  
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