We attended the DISG.e.V Pfingsttreffen meeting on the 9th-12th May 2008 in Heinsheim, Germany. It was an amazing event with something like 30 plus Schwimmwagen's in attendance. Unfortunately due to the late decision to attend the event on our part, we were unable to take our Schwimmwagen along but luckily for us a fellow Schwimmwagen owner let us ride along with him - Thanks Dave, you can find out more about Dave's particular Schwimmwagen at ww.schwimmwagen.ch. We stayed at the main Hotel in Bad Wimpfen as it was only a short drive to the main assembly point each morning in Heinsheim. Each day of the event was fully booked with many road and river trips planned throughout the weekend. Saturday evening was spent at the excellent Shinsheim Techincal Museum, well worth a visit as their WWII Military vehicle collection is very impressive (www.technik-museum.de/uk/sinsheim/).

The DISG e.V. (Deutsche Interessengemeinschaft Schwimm- und Geländefahrzeuge - German Interest Group Swimming and Off-Road Vehicles) was founded in 1973 as a registered club. The club has around 180 members from all over Europe. The members of the DISG e.V. are collecting, preserving and restoring German historic military vehicles from WW2. The members own around 600 historic German military vehicles. The DISG e.V. club website can be found by clicking on the following link: http://www.schwimmwagen.de/

Below you'll find a small selection from some of the 1,900 photos taken over the weekend - Enjoy:


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