First test drive after bringing the Schwimmwagen into the UK for the first time, the vehicle is still like new so needs at least another 500 miles to get everything "run in".
A detail photo video of a 1944 Type 166 VW Schwimmwagen.
Third part of the video hosted by
some great video angles are used to capture this unique vehicle in action.
Excellent video clip showing a Schwimmwagen entering the water and going for a swim.
This gallery contains various Schwimmwagen videos available to view and download from YouTube. It's good to see a lot of privately owned Schwimmwagen's still being used properly by their current owners.

Second part of the same video hosted by, just goes to show how capable these vehicles were at the time - and still are.

An excellent video hosted by Dave's site showing his VW Typ 166 Schwimmwagen having fun in a muddy military testing ground. Watch the 60 years old car and how powerful it still is! German Engineering at its best.
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A short photo video of the various Schwimmwagen's which attended the War & Peace show 2007 in England.